When asked to add notes to their Educator’s door in honor of Monkey Around’s Child Educator Day, here is what parents had to say…

“I love how the girls help my kids with homework so that we have more time to cuddle at night.”

“They take great care of our children! Make them discover, learn play and laugh”

“Thank you for engaging our daughter in so many fun activities & keeping her happy every day!”

“Thank you for everything you have done for our son! Great teachers, Awesome daycare!”

“You help her become a wonderful person, feel loved and secure.”

“You guys have amazing patience and creativity. You genuinely care for and know our children. Thank you for making parents feel okay about leaving them here…we know they are loved!”

“Thank you for all of your patience, caring and kind approach! We have seen such growth in our little guy!”

“I love them because they let me sit beside them, and because they play catch with me outside. My mom and dad love them because they take such good care of me.”

“Thank you for your amazing energy and patience! You are passionate educators.”

“They provide a loving environment.”

“They treat my children like they would their own!”

“They always have a smile on their faces.”