Are you a mom looking for a fitness class you can bring your baby to?

Monkey Around offers a class every  Thursday.  The classes are women only and the workout is boot camp style or circuit training and we incorporate your baby at the end for the last 10-15 minutes.

The cost is:

  • $10 for your first class
  • 4 classes for $38 ($9.50/class)
  • 8 classes for $72 ($9/class)

Toddlers are also welcome! They can either participate in the class (it is geared towards adults but they’re welcome to try!) or you can bring some toys to have them play with in the roller rink (we will put some toys out as well).

Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle.  We also suggest bringing a baby blanket for them to lay on.

Email us at if you have any questions!

If you would like the registration form, you can download it here.