With the combination of a Family Entertainment Centre and Learning Centre, the children can use the centre as a “permanent field trip”.  We love the ideas of a preschool with a strong curriculum and learning through play.  As we started thinking of services we could offer to the community, we realized there was a need for before and after school care, drop-in care, and camps.

We started making calls to landlords and builders and looking for the perfect location that was convenient for the parents.  We found Blossom Park Mall on Queensdale Avenue and felt that it was a great place to set up shop.  We started contacting vendors for our play structure, inflatable, roller/tricycle rink and redemption games.

Whenever there are kids, there needs to be food. We decided to set up a kitchen right in our centre.  We offer an extensive menu that we will be able to supplement with additional healthy choices. With a kitchen in our building, we can offer hot lunches to the children in our Learning Centre.  If parents want to pick up their children after work and take a pizza home with them, they can do that too.

We paid a lot of attention to detail in our facility.  From personal experience, we knew we wanted a place where a parent park themselves and keep an eye on multiple kids at the same time.  Our play structure slides all exit to the centre of the play area.   Our Play Centre bathrooms have no entry doors, this way there are no germy door handles to push and no place to pinch fingers. In planning the Learning Centre, we wanted lots of natural light, and every room has multiple windows for sunshine.

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