Q:Can I bring my own food?

A:We do not allow any outside food in our play centre due to allergy concerns. If you or your child/children have any dietary restrictions, please speak to one of our kitchen staff to see what options are available to you in our kitchen.

Q:Can adults go bare foot or wear shoes?

A:Shoes and bare feet are not permitted in the play centre. Everyone must wear socks, including adults! Socks can be purchased at Monkey Around if you forget to bring some.

Q:Can I bring in my coffee/tea?

A:No. We do not allow any outside food or drinks inside our facilities as we strive to be a nut-free facility.

Q:What is included in admission to Monkey Around?

A:Admission prices include the play structure, Kangaroo Jumper, and roller rink. Redemption games and snack bar items are extra. Tokens for the redemption games can be purchased at the front desk or from the token machine.

Q:Where do I put my valuables?

A:You can bring a lock with you and use one of the lockers we have in the play centre. Alternatively, you can ask the front desk to borrow a lock and place any valuables in a locker. The lockers are located behind the slide near the washrooms.

Q:What is the age limit for children to play at Monkey Around?

A:At Monkey Around, the play structure is accessible for all ages, including adults! Children 12 years old and younger are permitted to play on the jumping pillow. We believe these facilities are best utilized by kids between the ages of 1-10. We also have a designated toddler area, for children 3 years old and younger.

Q:How long can we stay for drop-in play?

A:Children can play as long as they wish during operating hours. Re-entry is not allowed unless you are a member at Monkey Around.

Q:What are parent and/or guardian’s responsibilities during drop-in play?

A:Drop-in play at Monkey Around is not supervised by our staff.  It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children. While we are available to assist, the overall responsibility of each child falls on their parent or guardian.

Q:Can I play with my child at your facility?

A:We encourage parents and guardians to “Monkey Around” with their children. However, please be cautious of the children playing. We do ask that parents refrain from playing on the Kangaroo Jumper..

Q:How does the roller skating work?

A:On weekends we rotate every 30 minutes between trikes and roller skates. During the week, the roller skates are only available upon request.

Q:Can the hostess be bilingual?

A:We do have bilingual hosts that can be assigned to your party if that is what you would like.  You simply have to let us know.

Q:My child is turning 1, is Monkey Around a good place for children this young?

A:We have had plenty of parties for children as young as yours, and we find that it is still enjoyable for them! When the children are that young they may require their parents to assist them with the activities, like going through the play structure and on the Kangaroo Jumper, but it does not hinder them in having a good time.  Note that the roller skating may be too difficult for children that young. However, we do have tricycles on our roller rink that would likely be suitable for this age group.

Q:Where can I go for more information?

A:For information about our party packages and what is included in each, you can refer to our information table on our website which outlines all of the options. Here is a link: http://monkeyaroundottawa.com/play-centre/birthday-parties/

Q:How far in advance should we book our party?

A:We recommend that you schedule your child’s birthday party at least 30 days in advance if you want to ensure you have your preferred date and time. Please contact us by phone at 613-422-5138 or by email at [email protected] to find out our availability and book your party!

Q:Is there a deposit to be paid at the time of the booking?

A:Yes. We require a 50% deposit to be paid at the time of the booking. If you reserve by phone, this can be done by credit card or by email transfer, or you may request 48 hours to come in person to the facility to pay by debit, credit, or cash. The second half of the payment is made at the end of your party and will reflect any changes made to your reservation after the deposit was paid.

Q:Can we bring our own food/cake?

A:We do not allow outside food due to allergy concerns, therefore all food must be prepared or purchased by Monkey Around. Should you be interested in having food that is not included in your party package, you are welcome to discuss other options with one of our party planners who will be happy to go over alternate options with you. If your child or his/her guests have any dietary restrictions, please speak to a manager so that we can accommodate your needs.

Q:What is the maximum/minimum number of children allowed?

A:There is a minimum number of children for each party package, but there is no maximum. Our party rooms can hold up to 25 children, and if your group is larger than that then we are happy to discuss additional party rooms to accommodate your party guests. If you have less children attending than the minimum state for your party package, then you are still welcome to have your party with us, but you will be required to pay the price of the party package ass if the minimum number is met.

Q:Do I have to pay for adults?

A:There is no admission fee for adults.

Q:What is the party schedule?

A:You will be assigned a party room for a two hour time block. The first hour is spent in the play area for free play, and the second hour is in the party when the food, drinks and cake are served. Children usually have time to return to play before the party is finished. After your time in the room is over, then you and your guests are able to stay in the play centre for the rest of the day.

Q:Can we bring in our own decorations?

A:Yes you can bring your own decorations for the room! You can arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your party to set up any decorations you have brought.

Q:Do you provide birthday cakes for my child's party?

A:All of our birthday party packages include cupcakes or a cake. We do not allow anyone to bring in their own cake. If you have a special request, please notify one of our party planners and we can do our best to accommodate you!

Q:What is in the loot bags?

A:Our loot bags can vary and are gender specific. We often change the items they contain. Please ask our staff if you would like to know what they contain. For deluxe parties, one or two items are substituted for more expensive items and we also provide cotton candy with the deluxe loot bags.

Q:What are the tokens used for?

A:Most of our redemption games require tokens to play.  Most games are 2 tokens however we have one game that requires 4, one that requires 6 and one that requires 8.  When the children play the games, they collect tickets and can exchange the tickets for some items in our redemption center.

Q:Can the hostess be bilingual?


Q:How far ahead should I book?

A:We recommend that you call to book at least one month in advance to ensure that your preferred dates and times are available.

Q:How many children can your facility accommodate?

A:We find that group of up to 100 children are comfortable, although we are able to accommodate up to 250 people (including adults).

Q:How long should we stay?

A:Two to four hours is best for group events in order to fully benefit from all that Monkey Around has to offer.

Q:What is the charge for adults?

A:There is no charge for adults to enter the play centre. WE do however have meal plans available for adults (prices vary).

Q:Are there any activities organized by your team?

A:Our play centre has many different choices of activities that are more suitable towards free play than organized activities. Our team's role is to facilitate your event. However, we work with outside organizations that provide specialty entertainment such as balloon artists, face painters, clowns, magicians, and special characters.

Q:Is there an area where we can eat away from the general public?

A:Party rooms which seat around 25 children are available to rent Please ask about pricing if this is an option that interests you.

Q:Can we bring our own food/drink?

A:We do not allow any outside food into our facility due to allergy concerns, therefore all food must be prepared or purchased by Monkey Around. Should you be interested in having food at your event, please discuss other options with one of our party planners.

Q:Can we buy a cake?

A:Yes! 8" round cakes (serves up to 20), 9x13" rectangular cakes (services up to 30), and 11x15" rectangular cakes (serves up to 40) are available. You can also customize our cake top with a picture of your choice (costs extra). Please note that a party room must be reserved when ordering a cake.

Q:How far in advance should I register my child?

A:To ensure that there is space available for your child, we recommend registering at least two weeks in advance. We do try our best to accommodate last-minute registrations.

Q:What is a typical day at camp?

A:The day will consist of a variety of free play in the play centre or in the day camp classroom, outdoor activities, quiet play, and arts and crafts. Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snacks are all provided!

Q:Is your play centre peanut and nut-free?

A:We strive to be a peanut and nut-free environmen. This is why we do not allow outside food.

Q:If my child has an allergy or dietary restrictions, can these be accommodated?

A:Yes. We strive to accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions for children attending our camps.

Q:My child attended your camps in the past. Do I need to fill out the registration form?

A:It depends when your child last attended camp. At the start of every school year, we require all families to provided updated registrations forms to ensure that we have the most recent information on file.

Q:What should my child bring to camp?

A:Your child should bring a water bottle, socks, running shoes, and clothes appropriate for outdoor weather.