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18 - 30 months

Physical Development:

Weather permitting; children will play in the outdoor play area. If weather does not permit, the children will play in the indoor soft play area.



Children will learn and practice words related to the weekly theme.

Social Skills/Interaction:

Our educators will read a theme related story and start a conversation with the class by asking open ended questions to allow the toddlers to use their thinking and reasoning skills.


Children will rotate throughout the theme related activity centres.



Our educators will assist the children with hand washing and sing the hand washing song in order to help teach the importance of proper hand washing all while making it fun for the child.



Our educators will offer materials of different sizes, textures and shapes. The children should feel and match or describe the differences. This will teach them about opposites while also providing a sensory experience.

Cultural Awareness:

Toddlers are beginning to learn about themselves and the world around them.  Our educators will guide the children through activities that are designed to increase their awareness of self and others.  Such activities may be in the form of a craft, song or story.  The goal is for the children to learn and have fun at the same time.



Our educators will show children large pictures of a variety of facial expressions and ask questions such as “Who looks happy?”

The following is an example of our learning model in each of the learning areas.  We aim to encompass the child’s entire needs from physical and cognitive development to social and emotional.

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